Packaging is your company's most valuable real estate

You really don't want to waste it by thinking about it in traditional ways


LuckyCX box          

One addition to your packaging design can dramatically enhance your customers' experiences and transform your business.

It really is simple and easy. Add one of our Magic Codes to your product label and packaging, LUCKYCX Intelligent Packaging Technology will do the rest.

No tricks. No Apps to download. Nothing to install, for you or your customers.

LUCKYCX encourages you to start thinking like a customer. It helps you to build authentic connections with them and gain their trust.

LUCKYCX Intelligent Packaging Technology

LUCKYCX enables you to consistently create extraordinary customer experiences and grow sales, better, faster, and cheaper than every comparable alternative.

It is the only App-less intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) packaging technology for D2C businesses, that combines AI-based, geo demographically segmented, multilingual, multimedia content delivery, with easy to use, real-time feedback analysis and business intelligence.

Delivering the highest quality experience to customers is much more than product quality, customer support or NPS. It's built upon every little interaction, relentlessly driven by a deep understanding and knowledge of customers and what they want. During purchase, as well as before and after consumption.

This business intelligence is what LUCKYCX Intelligent Packaging Technology offers to marketers like you — business owners, CEOs, CMOs, CCOs, CSOs, CXOs, directors, brand managers, product managers, social media & digital marketing managers, content managers, promotions managers, and general managers. Whether your interests are local, national or global.

The technology and data are encrypted and hidden away on our powerful hybrid servers, so there's no Capex. Only a rational license fee, with flexible payment plans.

Businesses want the trust of customers
Businesses want to create great customer experiences
Businesses are investing in multimedia based customer engagement
Businesses are adopting self service Business Intelligence

Why You Should Care

Customer Engagement
Measurably improve your customers’ overall experience and engagement with ‘live’ events and concerts, streaming music, virtual tours, brand launches, ads, product info, promos, recipes, tips, games, loyalty programs, augmented and virtual reality...
Real-Time Feedback Analysis
Not just NPS, this is much more. Now there’s no need to send obsolete emails or text messages. You’ll get authentic customer feedback and a much higher response rate.
Real-Time Multilingual Multimedia
Communicate directly with end customers. In their language. Automatically. Educate, reassure, and engage them directly.
On-Demand Sentiment Analysis
Get on-demand, real-time sentiment analysis. Know precisely what your customers are thinking right now. And what the sentiment is on social media in real-time.
Trends, Graphs, And Reports
Better understand your customers. Find out more about their behavior with extensive trends, graphs, and reports. It’s like divine knowledge.
Business Intelligence
Count on making more informed strategic decisions, with real-time business intelligence driven by advanced analytics, deep learning, and text mining.

Live Demo

Magic Code

If your mobile phone camera doesn't scan, and you don't have an app, we recommend that you download Google Lens, from the App store (Android or iOS), and try again.

Experience it exactly as your customers will. The multimedia you serve to your customers, and the languages you serve it in, are totally in your control. Limited only by your imagination. There is no App to download. And no tricks!

Use your mobile phone to scan the Magic Code on this page. A short video will play on your phone.

Then scan the Magic Code again. This time LuckyCXpert™, our intelligent content delivery engine, will recognize you as a returning customer and play a different video on your mobile phone, based on the rules we've setup.

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