Extraordinary customer experiences.
Powered by AI.

Based on real time business intelligence from customers' behaviour, feedback and sentiment.

Your customers and brands will cuddle. Tight!

Think Beyond
Apps, Chatbots, CRM, QR Codes, and Smart labels.

LuckyCX Circle

The Science of Making Customers Happy!™

Delivering consistently happy experiences to customers is much more than product quality, customer support, CRM or NPS. It's built upon every little interaction, relentlessly driven by a deep understanding of customers — their behavior, thoughts and feelings.

LuckyCX™ enables Direct-to-Consumer businesses to curate and serve extraordinary customer engagements — online, instore, and on product. Segmented by location, language, gender, and age. Before, during, and after consumption. Based on real-time, business intelligence into customer behavior, feedback and sentiment.

Whether your interests are local, national or global, LuckyCX™ will help you to consistently curate and serve extraordinary customer experiences.

Make your customers happy. Win their trust. Grow the lifetime, and the lifetime value, of your customer relationships. Better, faster, and cheaper, than with every comparable alternative.

Allow us to show you how...

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Businesses want the trust of customers


Customers want brands to make them happy


Businesses believe people absorb short video content better


Businesses want Business Intelligence driven CX

LuckyCX™ Pro 2022 Edition is the NO1 Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Marketing and Business Intelligence Technology

You know customers now live in a phygital world — a world that's both, physical and digital. To survive and thrive here, old tricks don't work. You need to think beyond traditional Chatbots, Smart labels, Apps, CRM... and stuff.

Think LuckyCX™ Pro!

Powered by realtime multi engine business intelligence technology — advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, neural networks, and text mining — LuckyCX™ Pro is the Science of Making Customers Happy!™

The good news is that it’s better and cheaper than every comparable product on the market. Once you start using it, you’ll quickly discover that it easily pays for itself. It’s also really smart and easy to use. You don’t need to be a data analyst. Or hire one!

The slick app-less, scan-click-tap™ consumer interface is online, instore, and on-product ready, and encourages rapid consumer adoption.

Don't get caught in the slipstream of your competition. Get LuckyCX™.

There are no tricks! No Apps to download! Nothing to install for anyone. Only magic! Really! 😊

LuckyCX™ technology works with product packaging, eshops, websites, store fronts, restaurants, point of sale, flyers, social media, YouTube, TV and OTT ads, outdoor ads and billboards... everywhere!

Business Intelligence Driven Customer Experiences

Extraordinary Customer Experiences
Harness the power of artificial intelligence with LuckyCXpert® to curate and serve extraordinary customer experiences for new and old customers by gender, age, language, and location. Ads, product info, promos, recipes, tips, games, 'live' events, concerts, streaming music, virtual tours, brand launches, loyalty programs, AR, VR... and everything else you can think of!
Real-Time Feedback Analytics
Sophisticated feedback and NPS analytics. Now there's no need to send outdated emails and text messages. Or conduct expensive customer surveys. You'll get authentic real-time customer feedback and NPS analysis by product, category, gender, age, language, and location. As well as our exclusive, customer driven, product attribute analytics.
Real-Time Multilingual Multimedia
Communicate directly with your customers. LuckyCXpert® automatically detects their preferred language and serves content accordingly. Educate, reassure, and engage your customers like never before.
On-Demand Sentiment Analysis
Get on-demand, real-time sentiment analysis for each social media handle. Know precisely what your customers are feeling right now.
Incisive Trends, Graphs, and Reports
Gain a better understanding of your customers. Find out more about their behavior and attitudes with extensive trends, graphs, and reports. It's almost like divine knowledge.
Real-time Business Intelligence
Make faster, more informed strategic decisions. With real-time business intelligence. Know when and where your customers experience your products. Map views, distribution gaps... and much, much more.